Testing with Packers

Geotechnical testing using inflatable packers for permeability testing, Lugeon tests, hydraulic fracturing, interval pressure tests (IPT) and rock stress testing.

Wireline Packer Systems

Our preferred packer system is the STX-60 run on wireline in H  or P rods. We have had a 30+ year relationship with AGE and IPI, the suppliers of this system. The wireline system allows fluid communication with either the packers, annulus, test interval or complete shut in using axial movement only (no rotation). 
A straddle packer assembly is shown in the picture, (
1, below). Surface pressures and flowrates are monitored and recorded at the surface (2, below) throughout the test. Downhole pressures are recorded and logged via 3,000 psi memory gauges deployed with the packer assembly (3, below). The pressure data are retrieved when the packers are removed from the hole. 
For shallower testing we can also run packers on rods with inflation lines run from the surface.