Geophysical Logging

Aztec Engineering has 2 logging units: a 500m system based around a Robertson Geologging Micrologger II unit and a larger 1,800m depth capacity unit utilising a Century Geophysical System VI surface interface. We work closely with Groundsearch Australia to provide additional tooling when required. Assisted by their state of the art software, Groundsearch can carry out data interpretation and structural analysis to create petrophysical reports for our clients. The calibrated data sets for these analyses are obtained from downhole imagery acquired by next generation acoustic (ATV) and optical (OPTV) televiewers. 

This is a sample of a Petrophysical Report based on data obtained from the Acoustic Televiewer Tool (ATV)

Rock Mechanics reports are prepared from data acquired from the Full Wave Sonic Tool (FWS), ATV, Compensated Density tools. The sonic tool can also be used for cement bond logging (CBL).

500m Unit

This unit is housed in an aluminium aircraft container for easy shipping, or, if required, the system can be removed from the container for portable operation.

The following Robertson Geo (RG) sondes are available:

  • E-log
  • Full Wave Sonic and Cement Bond Log
  • High Resolution Flow Meter (HRFM)
  • Temperature-Conductivity

1,800m Unit

Our second unit is mounted in a 4WD utility vehicle. The winch is compatible with both RG tools and Groundsearch Australia’s extensive inventory of  Century LIM tools. For immediate deployment, we have available:

  • Acoustic Televiewer (ATV)
  • Compensated Density with CS-137 nuclear source

Also available on short notice are:

  • Optical Televiewer (OPTV)
  • 3 Arm Caliper
  • EM Flowmeter

Borehole CCTV

Aztec has a downhole video camera with both down looking and rotating side view cameras. This was custom built by and allows realtime viewing with simultaneous rcording to 600m depths. This is useful for well inspections during scheduled maintenance and fishing jobs. On short notice we can also source an ultra high resolution Optical Televiewer (OPTV) from Groundsearch Australia, our geophysical logging partners.